The Five Love Languages [by Gary Chapman] App Reviews

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Good product but needs more

I am glad that I can listen to the book instead of reading it because I am always on the move but I still like to have access to read and review. I would like to see more interactive items for the cost. For example, chapter question text so I can journal my thoughts that day after listening to a chapter. Quotes from the text for daily reminders. And so on... I am glad to have the book on audio but for the money I would like to see more value. To the writers and administrators of this application, can we update this application with more content? Thanks

Magic of love

Because of this book I now understand that just because my wife doesnt require as much physical touch as I do, doesnt mean that she doesnt love me. I know she just speaks a different love language! Thank you Dr. Chapman for opening my eyes! This book is the best investment I have ever made. My marriage is the most important thing in my life. When my marriage "love tank" is full, I am better in all aspects of life. I feel I am a better father to our kids, I am more patient in trying situations, and my overall outlook on life itself is better. I love my wife, and I look forward to speaking her love language and making her know I love her the way she needs me to.

My husband hates reading

It took me three years to download this audio version and not force him to read the book. Amazing results! I cant wait to buy the five languages for children.

Fantastic book!!

Excellent ! Download ASAP

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